Revamping Your Outdoor Deck

Revamping Your Outdoor Deck – Creating a functional and beautiful outdoor living space can add value to your property and enhance your lifestyle.

Patios are a popular addition to any backyard and come in a variety of styles and materials. They can be the main focal point of your outdoor space and create a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Revamping Your Outdoor Deck

In this post, we’ll discuss five different types of patios to help you choose the best one for your outdoor living space.

Revamp Your Patio With A Budget Friendly Country Inspired Makeover

If you’re interested in learning more about building a patio in your backyard, the expert builders at Trueline can help you get started.

Louvered patios feature adjustable slats that can be opened and closed to control the amount of sunlight, shade and ventilation.

They are a great choice for those who want … Read the rest

Renovating For Comfort And Style

Renovating For Comfort And Style – Alex is a senior home editor for Martha Stewart. She has over 10 years of experience producing digital content in the home space and lifestyle, ranging from cleaning and organizing to etiquette and home design.

If you’re planning a major home renovation that involves multiple rooms and projects, you may be confused about where to start. Should you start in a common area, like the kitchen or living room, to get rid of them? Or is it better to focus on the invisible places so that the communal space remains usable for longer? To determine the best approach, we spoke with experts to find the best path forward for your next home renovation.

Renovating For Comfort And Style

Decide whether you will handle the renovation yourself or hire a professional to do it. “Before starting any renovation, make a detailed plan that includes a … Read the rest

Cozy Retreats: Creating Comfortable Nooks

Cozy Retreats: Creating Comfortable Nooks – Jenna Bush Hager has been running a book club since 2019. Speaking to , she shared how she gets all her reading done — and one tip involves a tech-free reading nook, or designated space

She thinks of the perfect place to curl up with a good book, where is she? If you’re like many book lovers, you probably imagine a window seat overlooking the ocean or curled up under a blanket by the fire as snowflakes fall from the sky.

Cozy Retreats: Creating Comfortable Nooks

That’s nice and all, but the reality is that squeezing in a few chapters of your favorite novel is more likely to happen somewhere between answering work emails and finishing the dishes, if there’s time.

How To Design A Reading Nook Perfect For Curling Up With A Good Book

Life is busy, and if you’re hoping to get … Read the rest

How To Make Your Futon More Comfortable

How To Make Your Futon More Comfortable – Most people have had at least one bad night’s sleep on a sofa bed at some point in their lives. Sofa beds are not known for being comfortable, but it might surprise you to learn that they have come a long way in recent years. In fact, some new beds are as comfortable as regular beds. If you’re not ready to trade your old sofa bed for a new one, then there are things you can do to make it more comfortable. Read on to learn how to make a more comfortable sofa bed for a better night’s sleep.

When it comes to sleeping on an old sofa bed, the most common complaint is that you can hear the metal frame of the bed through the mattress. Old sofa beds usually have metal struts that are positioned under the hip or torso … Read the rest

How To Make A Kitten Comfortable In A New Home

How To Make A Kitten Comfortable In A New Home – If a shy cat has recently become part of your family, you may be tempted to rush to show them how wonderful and safe your home is and how much love you have to offer. The problem is that a shy or timid cat will look at your attempts with concern and even fear. You can’t rush the process, but there are things you can do to gently help a shy cat to trust and feel less anxious. Here are some tips to get you started.

Maybe you have a big, beautiful house and want your new cat to see how much space it will have, but for now, this environment is exceptional. It needs a limited amount of space to find its way. Also think about lighting and sound. Dim the lights so she doesn’t feel so exposed … Read the rest

Warmth And Comfort: Essential Home Elements

Warmth And Comfort: Essential Home Elements – Imagine a place where the warmth covers you like a soft blanket, especially on a winter night. This is the heart of a comfortable home interior. Whether you love rustic charm or modern minimalism, we have expert advice and design inspiration to make every room in your home feel beautiful and inviting.

Before delving into room-specific insights, here’s a collection of expert strategies to help you create the cozy home environment you’ve always wanted.

Warmth And Comfort: Essential Home Elements

The design of a cozy bedroom often emphasizes the feeling of relaxation. Soft textures reign supreme – think plush throws, feather pillows, and soft plush rugs! Materials like velvet, faux fur, and thick knits will also encourage that warm, inviting feeling.

Warm Bedrooms Colors: Pictures, Options & Ideas

Color plays an important role in creating a comfortable living room interior. So, choose inviting … Read the rest

Best Colors For Small Bathroom With No Natural Light

Best Colors For Small Bathroom With No Natural Light – Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase through one of my links, at no cost to you.

If you have a windowless bathroom, you might be looking for a few tricks to keep it clean and fresh. After years of looking at my drab guest bathroom, a new color created an opportunity to do just that!

Best Colors For Small Bathroom With No Natural Light

Almost every room in my house has at least some source of natural light. But two rooms — two small, windowless bathrooms — proved particularly difficult to redesign. My guest bathroom, for example, is perfectly functional; but because of the way it’s closed, I just don’t like being there. And if I ever have a guest again, they probably won’t either. … Read the rest

Scandi Rustic Creating A Cozy & Happy Home

Scandi Rustic Creating A Cozy & Happy Home – Located on its own peninsula, this beach house combines past and present to create a timeless retreat designed by Rehkamp Larson Architects and designer Alecia Stevens, located in Echo Point in Tower, Minnesota. The owner of the house commissioned the design team to create a new house after losing their old house due to fire. They requested the renovation to reflect the value of the property as an important symbol of Bay Lake, while at the same time capturing a new vision for a lake-friendly home.

The new building blends well with the surrounding landscape, with stone walls and wooden siding and support beams. A sense of tranquility is brought into the interior through natural light and appropriate views. Covered stone fireplaces on the outside and inside are the main feature, creating a cozy atmosphere for this room on the lake. … Read the rest

Revitalize Your Residence: Renovation Trends

Revitalize Your Residence: Renovation Trends – As we enter 2024, the world of interior design continues to evolve, welcoming a fusion of new and timeless trends. Homeowners are increasingly looking for innovative ways to elevate their spaces, emphasizing individuality, functionality and sustainability.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at exciting interior design trends that are sure to appeal to enthusiasts and decorators alike, from the growing popularity of walk-in pantries to fearless experimentation with color and technology integration. Additionally, we will delve into the remarkable emergence of geometry as a design element. Among these changing trends, one material that will take center stage will be indoor foil, offering a versatile and stylish solution for modern living spaces.

Revitalize Your Residence: Renovation Trends

While pantries aren’t entirely new, we’ve seen an increase in demand recently as homeowners look for practical solutions to organize their kitchens. Moving away from conventional … Read the rest

Elevating Home Spa And Wellness Spaces

Elevating Home Spa And Wellness Spaces – At Iron House, we believe that good health and wellness starts at home, with the principle that thoughtful design can significantly enhance our customers’ daily lives. Our commitment is not only to creating functional floor plans with your favorite fitness equipment, but also to the art of traditional interior design, where color, texture and form unite to create inspiring environments.

Specializing in home gym and wellness design, our services go beyond just furnishing fitness gear. We offer a holistic approach, helping homeowners, business owners, interior designers, builders and architects with space management and attention to detail in every aspect of a room. Our expertise includes choosing the right colors, flooring types, ceiling configurations and lighting while considering the best fabrics and materials (and of course fitness equipment) to create a space that feels stimulating and harmoniously integrates with your space.

Elevating Home Spa

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