Customizing Craft And Hobby Spaces

Customizing Craft And Hobby Spaces – From hidden storage to cubbies that tuck away supplies and tools to handy open storage, custom craft and hobby rooms are designed around your crafting needs.

Crafts and toys galore! Kids and crafts require lots of storage and organization. Tall custom cabinets and shelving keep project supplies out of reach of little hands.

Customizing Craft And Hobby Spaces

And slide-out baskets and drawers under the bench provide the perfect place for kids to grab (and put away!) things like stuffed animals, books and toys.

Ultimate Guide To Kids Playroom Design

An organized space frees your mind so you can focus on creativity! When you are not looking for items, you can spend your efforts on your projects.

This custom craft room has plenty of open storage to keep tools and materials within reach, as well as a large work surface.

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Planning Playrooms For Kids

Planning Playrooms For Kids – Hi friends, I’m so glad you stopped by Postbox Designs! I’m a Mom of 3, a Graphic Designer, and I eat Oreos for lunch. 🙂 And if you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you know I’m a HUGE talker

And that’s especially true when I work at a children’s place. We recently launched Postbox Designs for KIDS – a custom Interior E-Designer just for kids! So when this mother of three came to me, she was looking for a centerpiece that would also reflect her love of all things Mid Century Modern. So what does Mid Century Modern design look like? Let me show you around these fun, fun, and fun playrooms for this family of 5!

Planning Playrooms For Kids

This Makeroom game is needed to combine many great activities in one space. In this 13′-x18′ space we fit in:

Playroom Storage For

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Designing Outdoor Cooking Areas

Designing Outdoor Cooking Areas – An outdoor kitchen can be the best part of your home if designed properly. Getting some fresh air while enjoying grilled food with close friends and family? Sounds like a perfect summer night! At Sauders Hardscape Supply, we believe that relationships are the key to great landscape and outdoor living design. Outdoor kitchens create the perfect space to strengthen those relationships and create memories that extend far beyond the kitchen itself.

On the practical side, it’s important to choose quality components for your outdoor kitchen. Make sure the items you include in your outdoor kitchen design will hold up to the test of time and allow you to enjoy events with friends and family for years to come. Let’s take a look at 9 things to consider when creating the ultimate living space in your backyard.

Designing Outdoor Cooking Areas

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Elevating Home Spa And Wellness Spaces

Elevating Home Spa And Wellness Spaces – At Iron House, we believe that good health and wellness starts at home, with the principle that thoughtful design can significantly enhance our customers’ daily lives. Our commitment is not only to creating functional floor plans with your favorite fitness equipment, but also to the art of traditional interior design, where color, texture and form unite to create inspiring environments.

Specializing in home gym and wellness design, our services go beyond just furnishing fitness gear. We offer a holistic approach, helping homeowners, business owners, interior designers, builders and architects with space management and attention to detail in every aspect of a room. Our expertise includes choosing the right colors, flooring types, ceiling configurations and lighting while considering the best fabrics and materials (and of course fitness equipment) to create a space that feels stimulating and harmoniously integrates with your space.

Elevating Home Spa

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Integrating Home Offices Into Space

Integrating Home Offices Into Space – In times of COVID-19, more and more people are working from home. Home office is the name of a new work model that seems to be gaining acceptance in many companies, even in the post-Corona era. Learn how to integrate your office into other rooms.

In the era of COVID-19, more and more people are working from home. Home office is the name of a new work model that seems to be gaining acceptance in many companies, even in the post-Corona era. The reason: many companies realize that working from home can definitely work. Preconceptions that only those present in the office can work well and that there are too many distractions in the home office have been disproved. On the other hand, months of working from home offices have convinced many company bosses that when their employees work from home, they are generally … Read the rest

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