Planning Playrooms For Kids

Planning Playrooms For Kids – Hi friends, I’m so glad you stopped by Postbox Designs! I’m a Mom of 3, a Graphic Designer, and I eat Oreos for lunch. 🙂 And if you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you know I’m a HUGE talker

And that’s especially true when I work at a children’s place. We recently launched Postbox Designs for KIDS – a custom Interior E-Designer just for kids! So when this mother of three came to me, she was looking for a centerpiece that would also reflect her love of all things Mid Century Modern. So what does Mid Century Modern design look like? Let me show you around these fun, fun, and fun playrooms for this family of 5!

Planning Playrooms For Kids

This Makeroom game is needed to combine many great activities in one space. In this 13′-x18′ space we fit in:

Playroom Storage For

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