Planning Playrooms For Kids

Planning Playrooms For Kids – Hi friends, I’m so glad you stopped by Postbox Designs! I’m a Mom of 3, a Graphic Designer, and I eat Oreos for lunch. 🙂 And if you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you know I’m a HUGE talker

And that’s especially true when I work at a children’s place. We recently launched Postbox Designs for KIDS – a custom Interior E-Designer just for kids! So when this mother of three came to me, she was looking for a centerpiece that would also reflect her love of all things Mid Century Modern. So what does Mid Century Modern design look like? Let me show you around these fun, fun, and fun playrooms for this family of 5!

Planning Playrooms For Kids

This Makeroom game is needed to combine many great activities in one space. In this 13′-x18′ space we fit in:

Playroom Storage For Organized Fun

Want to see how we did it all in one place (super fun)? Let’s take a look around!

There were three siblings who were going to use this playroom, so it had to work for different ages AND boys and girls alike. Mom and Dad wanted a Medium Vibe and asked for more C-O-L-O-R! And my priority was to create a long, easy to clean space and use every inch of the room.

I started with this Mid Century Modern table (#5) from Target. Then I added four turquoise chairs (#4) from All Modern. This table can do a lot—as a craft, activity table, puzzle table, or game table. I asked to reserve two chairs at the table, two more chairs at the Home Station. So if friends run out, kids can pull extra chairs to the table. Then I ordered this beautiful, multi-colored rug (#2) from Rugs USA that brings tons of color and fun. And P.S. the pattern will hide many sins too… but we won’t tell the kids we’re planning to mess around here!

A big part of modern design was creating a Home Station (which can also double as a storage space for Legos and craft supplies). My favorite ideas for sharing a kid’s table are shown in this Inspirational photo (#1), and they’re all made up of budget Ikea pieces. Item #3 shows a system for storing Legos in drawers. Above the desk I put up this fun wall art display of modern children’s art (#6, 7, 8, 11 & 12). They are all digital downloadable prints from Etsy (many costing less than a dollar).

Playroom Design: Diy Playroom With Rock Wall

But we also wanted the children to express their creativity. We used a full wall to create an interesting wall using blank canvases (#14). Kids can use washi tape to fix their artwork, and they can easily wipe it off when the weather starts to run.

Creating some type of “reading nook” is a common request from parents when we are designing a home. And as a self-proclaimed bookworm, I always enjoy giving a child a special chance to get lost in a book. In this Playroom design, we have given children two places to read. This Crate & Kids play tent “theatre” (#27) can be used for games and shows (a special request for my customers) but it can also be used as a reading room.

The second reading nook was a “window frame” I created from an Ikea cabinet (#19 and #20). I used two of these Ikea cable clamps (#19) and pushed them together to make a chair. Then I went online and had fun with this Target throw pillow (#24-26).

Whenever you are trying to fit multiple activities into one space, planning space is the name of the game. It’s important to find well-measured components, multi-functional tools, and efficient use of space. I always include a Floor Plan rate for all my clients. Includes notes on how to put things out. You can find out more about it inside the post. All my clients get the best Floor Plans, Floor Plans, Shopping Lists, step by step, and for some Room Packages: elevations and 3D renderings alike.

Playroom Ideas: 21 Creative Playroom Decorating Tips

With all of my bedroom furniture, I always include a tour. I sent the first design to my client and asked him to give me some ideas and suggestions. In Phase 2 we changed some things, including new ideas for artistic concepts.

Remember at the beginning I said my clients also need this Playroom space to function as a Mudroom & Command Center? That Ikea “reading nook” (#20) is not just for reading. No sir! Doubles as a mini “designer”. Ikea tall cabinets take advantage of wall space and provide plenty of storage for coats, purses, and bags. A closet is a wardrobe that comes with a hanging rod inside. (P.S

Inside the bar is a charging station (#18) and a series of six boxes. I suggested hanging six mailboxes (#22) in the open space above the desk. Inside is a green storage box (#21). Each family member can have a mailbox, plus something like bills. Folders stay neat and clean, instead of having paper coming out of every mailbox. A modern mailbox from Staples. Moms and dads can organize small things inside their closets with cute baskets (#23)

And finally, I found these trendy hats (#29) for three kids’ hats. We had a whole wall to hang (#31). If you are looking for metal hangers, please make sure to double check the weight they can carry. You don’t want bugs off the wall!

Organizing A Playroom: 11 Ways To Make Tidying Child’s Play |

Bedroom designs are my #1 most requested room in the whole house! So after a few years of doing more and more in children’s rooms, nurseries, playrooms, and bonus rooms, I decided to launch Postbox Designs KIDS.

I start by sending them a Question for the parents and one for the kids (if they are old enough). There is a place to describe your dream room AND a drawing board if you want to draw it. Once we’re done designing your space, I’ll ship your Room-Inside-a-Box to your door. Inside are all the designs, a shopping list, and a sample of your equipment. There is also a surprise for your kiddo so they can enjoy their new room. Have a question about how it works or want to talk about your child’s room? Just shoot me an email at kristin@

Ask and you shall receive. You can browse my BLOG to see more Postbox Designs, but here are a few pictures of Postbox Designs that are REAL:

This picture was part “Bonus Room” (with a family room with TV, seating, and lots of toys/snacks) and part “Playroom” with Lego shared by two adorable boys.

These Big Budget Playrooms Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

This Colorado Playroom is built in a finished Basement and comes with a Playroom, Reading Room, Home Station and Seating for both adults and children:

I have both a boy and a girl (so I know boys are more fun), but I get a little nervous when I see all the girls go to the baby’s place. These two girls in California found the Playroom as sweet as them:

And my last favorite tool for you is F-R-E-E. I have a Free Resource Library and inside are rows of free room searches, Business Listings, Directory and more. And there’s tons of room for the kids inside. When you sign up, you’ll get an email with a username and password so you can access it 24-7. Inside you’ll find things like:

Whether you need a custom design or a place to start… I’ve got you covered. Get 24/7 access to our dedicated library. Inside you will find all the accessories to turn your dream bedroom into a reality. Enjoy!

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Thanks for subscribing, I’m so glad you’re here! You’ll receive a password and link to your free library by email in no time! Cheers, Kristin If you’re like most parents out there, you feel like you’re drowning in toys — yet your kids aren’t playing with any of them. Trust me, I was right where you are and that’s why I started a new Youtube series on this topic. You can watch the first episode here:

Often, your children do not avoid or reject their toys, where they simply play without stimulation. This can be for many reasons, the main ones being confusion and irrationality!

When the playroom is cluttered and difficult to navigate, it is difficult for children to find opportunities to play. On the other hand, an active, visible playroom is key to encouraging independence with your children as well.

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