Cozy Retreats: Creating Comfortable Nooks

Cozy Retreats: Creating Comfortable Nooks – Jenna Bush Hager has been running a book club since 2019. Speaking to , she shared how she gets all her reading done — and one tip involves a tech-free reading nook, or designated space

She thinks of the perfect place to curl up with a good book, where is she? If you’re like many book lovers, you probably imagine a window seat overlooking the ocean or curled up under a blanket by the fire as snowflakes fall from the sky.

Cozy Retreats: Creating Comfortable Nooks

That’s nice and all, but the reality is that squeezing in a few chapters of your favorite novel is more likely to happen somewhere between answering work emails and finishing the dishes, if there’s time.

How To Design A Reading Nook Perfect For Curling Up With A Good Book

Life is busy, and if you’re hoping to get back on the reading bandwagon, finding motivation is as easy as joining a book club (of course we suggest Read with Jenna) and keeping your reading streak alive by committing to a few pages each. day.

While it may not necessarily be in a beach villa or a ski chalet, you can still create a place in your home (no matter how big or small your space) that’s perfect for you and your books.

To help you, I asked the experts for ideas on how to host a reading retreat, and good news, using these five simple steps, creating your own personal book haven is easier than you think.

There are many benefits to reading. Between them? Live longer, less stress and be a better conversationalist to boot.

Budget Friendly Ways To Transform Your Living Space Into A Cozy Haven

“Reading has actually been linked to meditation in terms of how our brain processes our environment and our physiological state,” Zoe Shaw, Psy.D., licensed psychotherapist and author of “A Year of Self-Care: daily practices and inspiration to take care of yourself,” he says.

To help enhance your reading-inspired Zen, it’s important that your reading nook is located in a spot in your home where you feel relaxed, even if it’s just a quiet corner in the living room.

“The most important thing is for people to realize that it doesn’t have to be that really perfect little window seat or that paneled library fireplace,” says Julia Mack, interior designer at Julia Mack Design.

“It really just takes a comfortable chair. It’s not something that should feel like it requires a great deal of design. It just takes a little bit of effort,” Mack says.

Dreamy Reading Nook Ideas To Curl Up With A Book In 2024

If your living space is limited, Mack recommends turning your bed into your “book nook,” then adding a few large pillows to help support your back.

“I like the idea of ​​sitting on a well-made bed and leaning on some pillows,” she says. “This is a perfectly acceptable version of a reading nook.”

“Definitely task lighting,” says Rashida Banks, designer and content creator. She suggests a floor lamp or wall sconce with a pull-out arm to illuminate the pages.

A window also works well, according to Banks, who says that, given the choice, she would choose to have a reading nook in a corner of the house near a window if possible.

A New Reading Nook In The Master Bedroom

“If it’s during the day and you’re reading a traditional hardcover book, it’s nice to have some sunlight and be near a window,” Mack says. “But if it’s at night and you’re reading an e-book, it’s also nice for the space to be cozy and comfortable.”

Depending on the space, Mack recommends incorporating a small table or flat surface nearby to place items on.

“It’s a really comfortable feeling when you have a small table, something to put a glass of water, a cup of tea or your reading glasses on,” she says.

“I would put a small table on the side because, if you’re like me, I love a latte, a tea latte, a coffee latte or, if it’s summer, maybe some homemade lemonade. Then, find a place to put your drinks,” Banks says.

Gorgeous Reading Room Ideas We Want To Steal

“I have some customers who are absolutely devoted readers and don’t want to part with the books they’ve read,” Mack explains. “It’s a feeling of accomplishment. They like to go back and reread their books. They like to be surrounded by them.”

“People collect books,” Banks says. “So also having a basket next to your chair where you can put your book when you’re not reading it and go back to it when you are.”

In addition to covering the basics, creating an inviting reading nook goes a long way towards ensuring that you’ll actually use it.

Simple ways to enhance your space include choosing special seat cushions, adding photographs or artwork, and customizing to your personal tastes.

Tips For Designing A Comfy Reading Nook

“You definitely need a blanket,” Banks says. “For the winter you can make a knitted blanket, for the summer you can make a linen blanket.”

“As people get busier and busier and your home and office seem to merge, it’s nice to have a designated place where you can sit down with a nice juicy fantasy book and dive right in without feeling like you’re working in your living space or live in your workspace,” he says.

Finally, when it comes to reading nooks, it’s hard not to imagine reclining on a plush chaise longue in front of a crackling fire with champagne and scones served by the staff.

If you have a fireplace in your home, creating a book nook nearby is ideal. “I think a fiery look creates the atmosphere of intimacy,” says Banks. “I think about campfires and how stories are told around them.”

Cozy Reading Nooks

No fireplace? Not to worry. Any element of fire works whether you light a candle, turn on a roaring fireplace on YouTube, or try the “crackling fireplace” setting of a white noise machine.

“Having some element of fire sets the tone and opens our imaginations as we read,” Banks says. There’s something idyllic about curling up in a cozy reading nook with a good read and a cup of your favorite hot beverage, transporting you to another place and time. Books can also be found in a home library complete with escalator, but they are less practical to easily integrate into your home, but they are no less dreamy!

When creating a cozy book nook for your home, there are many places they can be integrated. A “reading corner” is generally a small pocket created in a wall where you can feel comfortable and relax with a good book. For a DIY approach, try using some comfortable soft pillows. These can be placed in a cozy corner with some shelves for convenient access to your book collection. Or a comfortable chair placed in a location of your choice with a lamp or sconce for light.

There are endless possibilities for adding a cozy book nook to your home. Get inspired by some of the creative ideas we have collected for you below. Below each image are additional details and links to the designers of each project. Be sure to bookmark us on Pinterest and while you’re there, be sure to give us a follow:

Best Reading Nook Design Ideas In 2023

Tell us: which of these book nook ideas do you find most inspiring and why in the comments below!

1. A reading corner. This cozy children’s reading nook in a mountain home in Vail, Colorado features lots of natural light. The cushions are replicas of Roche Bobois’ Mah Jong seating system. They were custom designed and fabricated with an approximate price tag of $700 each. In a high traffic area, you should use an indoor/outdoor fabric. (via equilibrium point construction)

2. Children’s bedroom corner. This cozy reading nook in a girl’s bedroom features open shelves and built-in drawers. The perfect place to curl up and read a book or chat with friends on the phone! The stunning chandelier is by Ferguson. (via Rudloff Custom Builders)

3. Farmhouse style corner. The wall paint is a custom blend of multiple Benjamin Moore colors. Check out the rest of this home tour designed by one of our favorite architects: gorgeous rustic Lake Minnetonka style with nautical accents. (via Alexander Design Group)

Log Cabin Decorating Ideas For 2024

4. Coastal reading corner. This inviting window seat features built-in shelves decorated with coastal-inspired decor and books. (via Bo Massey)

5. Corner under the stairs. Use the dead space under the staircase for a built-in bench with a comfortable cushion and accent pillows. Integrate some bookcases to store some of your favorite book collections along with some custom accessories. (via Lonni Paul Design)

6. A corner with a nautical atmosphere. A compact built-in bench features comfortable cushions for relaxing and curling up with a good book. The shelves on both sides and the space underneath provide plenty of space for extra books. Wall sconces provide the perfect lighting. (via Chairma Design Group)

7. A cozy corner to read a book. An unused closet under the staircase has been reimagined to become an inviting space to curl up with your favorite novel. (via Align Design)

Cozy Reading Nooks You’ll Want In Your Home Right Now

8. A rustic private corner. A built-in bench is hidden

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