Embracing Hygge In Your Living Space

Embracing Hygge In Your Living Space – Well, it’s still winter! And we’re still standing, right? Today I thought I’d share how I keep my spirits up in the cold and dark of a Canadian winter by using the concept of “hygge” in my living room. Not sure what it is or how to get it? Read it!

Nice is a Danish word that’s hard to translate into English, but it’s basically a deep feeling of well-being and well-being. Picture propped up next to your fireplace surrounded by neutral elements and natural textured materials as you read a book and sip tea by candlelight. It’s hygge!

Embracing Hygge In Your Living Space

I’ve been trying to embrace this Danish concept during these cold Alberta winter months by cooking more comfort food, enjoying the company of family and friends, doing lots of crafts, and decorating with my favorite goodies. Let me share how I decorated my living room for winter and 5 things that will help you create your own cozy and cozy space in your hygge home!

Hygge Basics For Everyday Living

There are a few things you just need to do if you want to clean your space! In this post, I’ll cover the essentials so that once you follow my advice, you’re sure to have the hygge space of your dreams. Let’s do it!

One thing you’ll notice about Scandinavian design (which includes the concept of hygge) is a serious focus on minimalism. Rooms full of things that don’t have a home are hardly ever described as cute! So, the first thing you should do is declutter the space you hope to transform into a hygge haven in whatever way you like best. It can be as simple as cleaning and putting things away and in the right rooms, or you can get really serious about it and do a complete renovation. I really fell in love with the Ski Slope Organization method because it spoke to how my brain works. Others may prefer the Marie Kondo method, or the 20/20 rule of decluttering is also interesting. Find something that works for you and achieve it!

When you feel like your room is a clean and organized blank slate, it’s time to start making it beautiful! Here’s what our hygge-style room looks like this winter. I was going for a warm and cozy feeling that invited me to curl up on the couch with some throw pillows and my girls and read a good book! It’s so nice to have a cozy place to come back to when it’s cold outside. Don’t know how to create a great study space? I have some tips and tricks to create a place that everyone wants to curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

A key element of hygge is how you light a room. Bright lights can’t be done easily! Light always sets the mood, and the right kind of lighting creates a warm glow rather than harsh light. There are many ways to achieve this kind of light, and if you layer several of them at the same time you will get the perfect effect.

How To Create A Hygge Living Room * The Best Ideas!

Lighting a bunch of candles on the coffee table creates a calming atmosphere, and I personally enjoy having at least one scented candle in the bunch to spice up our home too! According to Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge, “No hygge recipe is complete without candles”. So, take this seriously! If you have little ones and a real open fire isn’t possible, there are some great faux candles out there whose tiny bulbs beautifully mimic the warm glow of a candle, so don’t feel like you have to use candles with leave whole. just because your kids are young.

Another source of warmth and cozy lighting is to use string lights or string lights in your decor. Instead of tying them all up with your Christmas decorations, put out a line or two to keep your home warm and cozy. I saw these lighted lightning rods on vacation and kept one in our living room to combat the dark days of January and February.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, lighting a fire is the ultimate way to add some light and warmth to your space. There’s nothing like an entryway to instantly add a cozy feel to any room! I used Uraflame® stax® Crackling Firelogs in our fireplace because they are easy to light and have that emotional crackling sound that I love! Logs look like split wood and have the same rough appearance, but they burn better than regular firewood and they are made from 100 percent renewable resources.

There is nothing cozier (and therefore cozier) in the winter than soft and warm blankets to snuggle up in. This can be a great excuse for a DIY project, and you can make your own checkered blanket, a soft and beautiful fleece blanket, or you can even turn an IKEA blanket into a cute pom pom, all with minimal cost and minimal skill. needed

What Is Hygge And Why You Should Embrace It In Your Home?

You can also add soft tissue with throw pillows, which you can DIY to save money! I have a bunch of ideas for DIY throw pillows, whether you can sew or not! One of my absolute favorites is the faux fur pillow you see below. If you’re not sure how to style all those pillows you’ve created, don’t worry! I can teach you how to mix and match them to perfection.

If you’re looking for a different way to incorporate faux fur into your living room, check out this Scandi-inspired DIY faux fur rug! A sheepskin coat would also be a nice touch. I hope you get the idea that textiles are easy to incorporate this season for a true hygge feel.

Hygge is all about textures and natural materials and a neutral palette of colors. So when you think about adding decor to your space, be sure to consider the colors and textures of nature!

There’s just something about real wood decor furniture that adds character and warmth to a room! Adding elements like natural wood tables, wooden branches, a vine wreath, and baskets will make your space feel very cozy. Other ways to add elements of nature to your room include making a beautiful pine wreath perfect for hanging above your mantle or creating a centerpiece with natural colors and a rustic feel. Or, this centerpiece I made from a thrift store glass bowl with brass accents that combines candlelight with fresh winter greenery would be perfect for that natural feel.

It’s Hygge Season: How To Embrace The Danish Lifestyle Of Being Cozy

Adding all the elements presented above to your space will create a cozy, warm and inviting room to share with your friends and family this winter, I promise! Once you’re done setting up your place, whip up your favorite comfort food for dinner, invite some people over, and then share the evening in front of the fire and enjoy it together.

If you love the comfort that a hygge living room brings, turn up the heat with a hygge room like I did here.

Hey there, I’m Christina Dennis, the creative force behind DIY Mom. I’m all about budget-friendly DIY and decorating ideas to brighten up your space. Let’s create homes that bring us joy, one project! 🌟Ohhhh hygge, such a cute little word. This Danish lifestyle/concept offers tools to help the mind and heart find happiness during the cold, dark days of the year. While in hibernation mode, it’s easy to go a little crazy because it’s actually too cold to go outside, so it comes with a little Jedi mind to trick you into your happy, rich winter. do

First of all, have fun. And with that said, do what feels good to you. Does she curl up on the sofa in faux fur blankets or set up shop in the kitchen hoping to cook something delicious for her tribe? Coziness is a personal preference, so you make you.

Benefits Of The Cozy Wellness Trend Hygge

You don’t need much to feel the effects of hygge because, after all, it’s more of a feeling than a material thing. It is the situation and environment you create for yourself and your loved ones that helps you experience true emotion.

We’re sure you already have what you need in your home…now it’s time to use all the hygge. *** Here are some hygge inspired ways to add happiness to your home this winter season. *** Take a hot shower.

Light a candle, grab a glass of red wine and relax. We love us some Pacha bath bombs to really set the mood.

Arctic vibes and cold? Sounds good to us! Maybe you’ll watch something new or maybe you’ll go old school. Here are some ideas: The Broad City, The Ted Bundy Tapes, The Great British Baking Show, True Detective, Black Mirror, Sex and the City, Disappearance, The Handmaid’s Tale, Killing Eve, The Office,

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