How To Make A Cat Comfortable In A New Home

How To Make A Cat Comfortable In A New Home – Do you know how to deal with a cat in a car? From hiding under the bed to howling and scratching, many cats are afraid of driving. Yes, that makes sense. Cats don’t like to ride in cars. With the exception of annual trips to the vet and maybe a weekend getaway, our feline friends rarely hit the road.

Fortunately, Wise Move is helping thousands of people like you find professional pet movers in NZ. Today on the Wise Move blog, our pet transportation experts go over how to make a cat comfortable in the car, so you (and Whiskers) can both enjoy the ride! 8 Tips for Traveling in a Cat Car

How To Make A Cat Comfortable In A New Home

Whether your trip is 10 minutes or 4 hours, every car ride can be “super friendly”. To reduce the stress associated with road trips, do the following:

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First, introduce your cat to the car. If he hasn’t been in a car since he was a cat, the loud noises and vibrations can be scary! Keep the engine off. Roll up the windows. Pick up your cat in the car and put them inside – with you there to watch, of course.

Second, they are a reliable cat carrier. Leave it open inside the house so they can get in and out easily. Once they are in and out calmly, close the door and try to walk them inside. This will help prepare the cats for the day of the big move.

Preventive Vet also advises not to let the cat wander while driving. Not only is this a dangerous distraction, but it’s also possible for your cat to jump out the window or sneak through the door… and get lost! Or worse, car accidents. No.

About cat psychology, do you know? Cats are local animals. Their sense of smell is 14x stronger than humans. By placing a soft bed, blanket, or towel in the cat carrier, their scent will move, thus helping them to relax.

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In New Zealand, it is illegal to drive without a seat belt. Keep your cat safe (and comfortable) by harnessing them! Cat carriers must be a) secured with a pet seat belt or b) placed under the vehicle to reduce sliding, running, bumping, and twisting.

At Wise Move, we know cats are beloved in families across the country, so their lives should be of utmost importance.

Extreme heat can kill livestock. It is sad that every year cats and dogs die after being left in hot cars. Also, there’s nothing worse than hearing a car…except hearing a car on a hot day!

Practice makes perfect. Teach your cat to tolerate – and hopefully, enjoy – car rides by increasing the length of the car. Start with a quick spin around the block. Gradually increase their tolerance for long trips, always looking for signs of discomfort.

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Wow! Cat cars are swimming. Be sure to praise your cat and reward good behavior with treats.

Finally, if all else fails, talk to your vet about medication for cats that hate riding in cars. Most of the time, traveling cats are given orally. Or you can spray calming pheromones, like Happy Cats. All of these will reduce the cat’s anxiety and help them sleep during the car ride.

Planning to move in with a cat? Follow these tips and tricks to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and cat-friendly ride.

At Wise Move, we are pet parents too. Our staff understand that when it comes to New Zealand pet transport, your cat is your most valuable asset. That’s why we’ve created NZ’s first online platform to connect domestic pet transporters in NZ with the customers who need their services the most.

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Wise Move is a platform, where people find moving companies and freelancers. Our platform is the first of its kind in New Zealand, giving customers access to reliable, affordable and user-reviewed services in just a few steps. Founded back in 2017, our goal has always been to make the move as simple and easy as possible for our customers and the professionals who rely on it.

It’s not just moving day that causes anxiety. Cats can sense our anxiety, detect furniture being moved, pack information, and more. It is best to test your cat before starting any activity.

Registering your dog is part of being a responsible dog owner. New Zealand has very specific laws about owning pets, especially dogs.

Understanding how to feed your pet before driving is an important part of setting up a successful trip. While you don’t want your pet to go hungry, carrying your pet with a full stomach can cause a variety of problems.

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Before transporting your pet, it is important to make sure that your pet is healthy for the trip. Start by scheduling an appointment with your local veterinarian.

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Our teams will treat your business as they would their own, ensuring that the utmost care and diligence is taken.

During transportation, our teams will ensure all the care, quality and friendliness as if it were our own.

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Please notify us of any violations. This information will be kept private and shared with Wise Move only. This article was written by Tabitha Kucera. Tabitha Kucera is a Registered Veterinary Technician & Cat and Dog Behavior Consultant and the Owner of Chirrups and Chatter Cat and Dog Behavior Consulting and Training in Cleveland, Ohio. Tabitha has over ten years of experience working in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and cat and dog rescues. Tabitha has helped develop training and practices for various animal hospitals and shelters and serves as a consultant to many shelters and private clinics. His teaching qualifications include teaching at regional and national level and in several professional veterinary programs. He is a Certified Fear Free Speaker, Fear Free Practice Certification Specialist, Cat Pawsitive Pro behavior consultant, and host of the podcast, Tails from Vet Tech. He currently serves on the Pet Professional Guild’s Cat Committee and is the President of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. He is Elite Fearless and Stress Free

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