Making Your Home A Retreat

Making Your Home A Retreat – Not only should your home be designed to reflect your style and personality, it should also be a place where you can relax and get away from it all. There are many ways to design your home to function and create a basic retreat. Places of refuge. If you’re looking for ways to infuse elements of spirituality into your home, check out our recommendations below. Use natural materials and ingredients

There is no better way to ground your home and connect more with nature than using natural materials and elements in your home design. You can incorporate natural wood into flooring and architectural elements like beams or wall paneling. Incorporate natural woven materials into drapery and upholstery to add some softness.

Making Your Home A Retreat

All these materials can be used throughout your home and furniture. For example, we love the Montrose media console with its beautiful natural oak body and gorgeous marble top. Mixing in lots of natural textures is a great way to make a space feel warm and welcoming. Of course, bringing in natural elements means incorporating a lot of things. Plants and greenery. Think about using things from the outdoors – literally like branches, stones, driftwood and flowers. It’s a great way to infuse your home with local scenery. Create a restorative color palette Another great way to design a calm and relaxing interior is to use a restorative color palette. Neutrals and earth tones are easy on the eyes and have a relaxing effect. Think whites, creams, browns and muted greens. If you’re worried that using neutrals will result in a boring look, instead of using lots of colors, incorporate different textures and materials for visual interest. Add more colors if you want, and consider using calm soft tones and light colors rather than bright or bold colors. Make room for outdoor living

How To Create A Backyard Oasis

Creating more spaces for outdoor living can make your home more grounded and connected to nature. This will depend on your lifestyle and how much outdoor space you have but can be done in a number of different ways. If you like outdoor recreation, think about it. Establish an outdoor cooking and dining area. You can also create a lounge area outside to gather with family and friends. Or maybe you want to install a pool or hot tub in your backyard for swimming and relaxation. Include natural movement in and out.

It can be easy to overlook, but another way to ground your home is to incorporate elements of natural movement. You can do it both indoors and outdoors. For example, think about installing a fountain or water feature to get the sights and sounds of running water. Studies show that being hydrated can improve our mental health. Or maybe you want to introduce a fire feature that adds a sense of natural movement to a space. Curl up around a fire pit or tea table or cozy up by a fireplace.

If you have a good spot for it, consider a hammock outside. Gently rock and relax as you read or sleep. Something as simple as using light and airy drapery against open windows can create a sense of natural movement inside. Include curved furniture to create movement indoors. Also, make sure your home has good open traffic flow so it doesn’t feel too confined or cut off. Create spaces for self-care

An important aspect of making your home feel like a retreat is making sure you have spaces for wellness. You can create a space in your home for yoga or meditation. Or if you just want to relax with a good book, create a cozy reading nook. Consider turning your bedroom into a retreat with plenty of softness and textiles. Or if you want to pamper yourself, turn your master bathroom into a luxurious home spa. The options here are endless. Having a dedicated wellness space (or spaces) will allow you to create a routine and encourage self-care, while allowing you to escape and escape any stressors in your life. Embrace local and vintage

Making Your Home An Oasis

A great way to make your home more grounded is to embrace local and vintage design. Buy materials and furniture from local artisans and craftspeople. Or use natural materials from the local area in your home design. Hunting for the perfect pieces may require a little more time, but it will allow you to feel more connected to your local environment and community. Support and celebrate local businesses. If you’re having trouble finding the right piece for the space, consider upcycling the old with something new. Including a lot of storage clutter is one way to make your home feel cluttered and chaotic. To minimize clutter, make sure you have plenty of storage options. Again, this can come in many forms, from shelving, consoles and nightstands to stylish baskets and trays. Hiding clutter is an easy way to make your space more organized. Relaxing experience. Explore aromatherapy

Consider adding aromatherapy to your home. If you’re not already familiar, aromatherapy is the process of using essential oils to promote health. It is commonly used to reduce stress and anxiety, improve relaxation, sleep, and more. If you want to try aromatherapy, consider getting an essential oil diffuser to help fill the air in the room with the scent of essential oils. Candles are also a great option. To fill a room with a pleasant and relaxing aroma. Both types of products help create a calming environment and play an important role in focus. If aromatherapy isn’t your thing, consider bringing in natural scents with flowers and greenery. Get Custom Interior Design Help Do you love these ideas but want some personalized help? At AHG Interiors, a full-service interior design firm located in New York and the Catskills, we specialize in designing custom and unique spaces for our clients. If you want your home to be a grounded retreat that works for you, contact us today to get started. Apartments Cars China Home Decor Home Improvement Hotels Homes Ideas Installations Interiors Renovation Renovation Renovation Restaurants Retail Tips Travel United States USA

In today’s busy world, it’s important to have somewhere you can escape to, a quiet and relaxing place where all your stress can fade away. Each person has a different idea of ​​what constitutes a relaxing environment. For some, it may evoke something different; It can be a minimalist pad, light and airy, sparsely decorated with monochrome furniture.

For others, it may be a bright and colorful space, where walls are covered with framed artwork and large rugs add to the aesthetic. Whatever calm means to you, follow these simple tips to create a more peaceful environment.

Creating A Home Inspired By You

Go Green – Invest in green, improve the look of your home and help improve indoor air quality. By taking in carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, the amount of oxygen in the air is increased, so adding some houseplants is a winning idea for two reasons. Plants can also lower the temperature, so if you want to save on air conditioning, put a few potted plants in strategic places. If you’re not very green-fingered and fear that any houseplants you buy will wilt and die within a few weeks, consider easy-care plants like succulents or spider plants. They require little water and are happy in many environments, so it’s a low-maintenance start to indoor greenery.

Your walls are a work of art – Artwork can reflect elements of your personality and add ambiance to your home. Whatever your budget, there are beautiful ways to decorate your walls, including framed motivational quotes, stunning paintings, family photographs or classic prints. Check out online art selling marketplaces like Etsy to buy artwork directly from artists, and if you like you can even order personalized prints so your walls reflect your family.

Dee-C Lutter – A cluttered home is not a place of calm and relaxation. If you walk into your house and every surface is littered with everything from books to unopened letters, half-drunk coffee to filing cabinets, then it’s worth spending time and being cruel to clutter. It’s important to establish a system for removing clutter as soon as you’ve completed your initial clear out so it doesn’t pile up. Try clearing one thing per day so it’s a gradual process, or blitz your house in one sitting if that doesn’t work for you, but establish a routine to recycle or donate so you maintain a clutter-free home. Be honest with yourself and let go of anything you don’t use regularly or that doesn’t bring you joy. Do not store items

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