Opting For Energy Star Certified Appliances

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It’s impossible to go shopping for home appliances, lighting, or windows and insulation products without noticing that many of them are marked with the Energy Star label. Also, although the name itself implies some kind of energy efficiency, it is not always clear what “Energy Star” means.

Opting For Energy Star Certified Appliances

For consumers who are concerned, “What is an Energy Star?” It is important to ask the question. Before buying. Energy Star is a rating system supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that provides consumers with unbiased information about the energy efficiency of the products they purchase. Since the ENERGY STAR program was introduced in 1992, it has helped reduce energy costs nationwide by $450 billion and has resulted in 4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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The program focuses on products that provide “energy efficiency,” which may sound generic, but actually has a special meaning. According to the EPA, anything with the Energy Star label “uses less energy to do the same job” compared to their conventional counterparts.

By investing in energy-efficient products, individuals and businesses not only reduce their energy consumption, but they also save on electric bills and may be eligible for tax credits as a result.

According to Energy Star, Americans purchased more than 300 million Energy Star certified products and more than 300 million Energy Star certified light bulbs in 2019. While you may have noticed the blue star symbol on your packaging, you may not know why some products have earned it. .

To earn ENERGY STAR, a product must meet strict energy efficiency standards from the EPA or the US Department of Energy. There is no single metric for energy efficiency, it depends on the product you are comparing.

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For example, light bulbs such as CFLs and LEDs that earn an Energy Star are shown to use two-thirds less energy than a standard incandescent bulb. Likewise, ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators are at least 15% more efficient than their conventional counterparts.

This efficiency of a product is determined by a series of tests certified by a third party to ensure objectivity. Also, as products and technology evolve, testing and standards evolve, meaning that each year, ENERGY STAR specifications may change to reflect new features and added efficiencies for some products.

If you’re curious to see how certain appliances or products rate against each other, the Energy Star site has a dedicated section that compares all the products that Energy Star tests, so you can be sure you’re buying the best product for your needs. .

When you’re shopping, you can find Energy Star certified products by looking for a blue star with the word “energy.” You can also use Energy Star’s product finder, where you can compare all Energy Star rated models for everything from refrigerators to light bulbs and insulation.

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There is also an annual Energy Star Most Efficient program that highlights the best appliances and products that feature the latest in energy-saving innovation. Some we’ve tried and liked include the Beko DUT25401X dishwasher, which we rated our best value model, and the LG WM9000HVA washing machine, our top washer for large families.

While the Energy Star label may seem ubiquitous, not every appliance has one, and it’s important to note that the blue star should not be confused with the standard yellow EnergyGuide label courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission. The Energy Guide label exists only to tell how much energy a product uses and how it compares to similar products, while the Energy Star helps identify the most energy-efficient products.

You can! In addition to seeing savings on your electric bill, customers who install ENERGY STAR rated products such as insulation, hot water heaters, roofing and windows may be eligible for tax credits.

You can also sign up for MyEnergyStar, which provides a checklist of items and actions you can take at home to update and replace inefficient products with newer, energy-saving versions. It will track your progress, your cost reduction and carbon footprint.

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Energy Star extends beyond products; Commercial buildings and new home construction are eligible to be ENERGY STAR certified, which means they must be built or renovated with specific equipment that ensures they meet or exceed certain efficiency levels.

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You are ready to get the latest from Tell us a little more about yourself so we can get to know each other better. In the United States, most electricity comes from fossil fuels. However, with the pressing issue of climate change, the need for energy efficiency and sustainable operations is increasing. As a homeowner, you may be wondering what steps you can take to contribute to a greener future. One solution to help reduce your environmental footprint is to obtain ENERGY STAR certification.

Energy Star certification can mean lower utility bills, higher property values, and a lower carbon footprint. However, there are some important disadvantages to consider. Whether you’re renting a home in Wilmington, NC or in the market for a sustainable home in Minnesota, read this guide to learn what you need to know about ENERGY STAR certification.

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The ENERGY STAR is an internationally recognized symbol of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Founded in the United States in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE), ENERGY STAR certifies energy-saving products and climate-friendly buildings throughout the US and its territories. To date, ENERGY STAR has certified more than 41,000 buildings and billions of products across 75 different categories.

ENERGY STAR certification aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy consumption, and save consumers money on energy bills. Buildings are rated on a scale of 1-100. A score of 75 or higher qualifies for certification.

It is important to note that ENERGY STAR certification is limited to products and buildings and does not cover large-scale sustainability practices. For example, LEED certifications are awarded to initiatives such as renewable energy, zero waste, and equity that are outside the scope of Energy Star.

Upgrading your home? May increase its value. Claim your home, update home facts, and discover the impact of home projects on property value. See Your Home Value How does a product earn ENERGY STAR certification?

All You Need To Know About Energy Efficiency

To receive ENERGY STAR certification, a product must meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA. These guidelines vary by product category, but in general, all ENERGY STAR-certified products must:

ENERGY STAR certification spans a wide range of products, including appliances, electronics, lighting, building materials, and heating and cooling systems. ENERGY STAR certification spans a wide range of products, including appliances, electronics, lighting, building materials, and heating and cooling systems. “Those interested in finding the most efficient appliance should look for the Energy Star logo,” says the team at Morrison Electric. “This will help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly bills.”

In addition to products, Energy Star certifies homes and other buildings. To achieve certification, a building must meet specific requirements to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality, and reduce environmental impact. These requirements include proper insulation, high-performance windows, efficient heating and cooling systems, and ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Energy rating companies that are part of the Home Certification Organization (HCO) evaluate and award ENERGY STAR certifications to homes that meet the requirements.

Buildings that receive certification mean they perform in the top 25 percent of similar structures nationwide. On average, ENERGY STAR-certified buildings use 35 percent less energy and generate 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than non-certified buildings.

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Also, starting in 2024, ENERGY STAR NextGen will begin, certifying commercial buildings that demonstrate very low-carbon and low-energy practices.

Chris Lindahl, owner of Chris Lindahl Real Estate states, “While the process is rigorous and requires an in-depth review by a qualified professional, Energy Star products and buildings are more energy efficient and potentially save you money in the long run. “

The Energy Star is one of the most widely recognized symbols in the US and plays a vital role in building a sustainable future. As such, it has become a permanent part of society; 20 of the largest homebuilders in the US manufacture ENERGY STAR certified homes, and more than 33 industries work with certified products.

By choosing ENERGY STAR-certified products and making energy-efficient home improvements, you can enjoy long-term savings on your energy bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help combat climate change. The program may have certain shortcomings such as prior expenditures and different standards, but the overall achievements make it valuable investment.

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