Updating Bathroom Fixtures

Updating Bathroom Fixtures – We moved into our house just shy of two years ago (at the time, I was 36 weeks pregnant with Little Brother). The house is great, but the original owner bought it for the purpose of renting it out. So, you can imagine the quality of everything—basically, a low-end builder’s grade. Our master bathroom is a great example:

Lots of cheap brass/gold fixtures. The process of renovating the house and replacing all the fixtures is slow. Last summer, we at least got some paint and decor in the bathroom (see the reveal here). We loved the results!!

Updating Bathroom Fixtures

However, we didn’t have enough money to renovate the rest of the bathroom—namely, the fixtures. Therefore, all builder’s grade and brass/gold materials remain. Our little bathtub corner looks great, but our entire vanity area…not so much.

Update On Our Bathroom + Some Beauty Items I Love

So, when I found out that this month’s Lowe’s Creative Ideas Challenge featured bathrooms, I was ecstatic to finally finish our bathroom! For under $500, we were able to upgrade all the bathroom fixtures and give things a more updated look!!! Here’s what we got:

And, it’s all very good! Goodbye brass/gold and almost 15 year old fixtures! The beveled glass medicine cabinets are great, as are the new brushed nickel faucets! And, a new shower head?!

We love the bathroom even more now! For a different look, we also changed the corner of the bathtub by putting up dark blinds and I painted one of the frames dark brown and distressed it (like starfish art). From a distance, I understand that there is probably nothing bad about white blinds. But, up close, they are

(And sadly in every window in the house)!! They have a horrible shiny flower design on the front and are turning yellow and brittle. UGH! My husband wants to darken that window a bit. So, we thought brown would do that, plus, it would tie in with the brown in the rest of the bathroom.

Westbury Bathroom Renovation

It’s so nice to have a nice, updated place! Thanks to Lowe’s for helping us complete this project!

For more great ideas, check out Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB or the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blog where you might recognize one (or more) of the faces! 😉

Disclosure:  I am a member of Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network of Creators and Influencers and have received Lowe’s gift cards for completing my projects. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

I’m Sarah, a mom to three adorable boys living in the Arizona desert. As a former teacher, I love sharing my passions with others. So, look around for creative inspiration on cooking, creating, celebrating, traveling with kids, and more everyday mommy endeavors! My goal is to complete 2 bathroom renovations in December before we move out of town in January. Here’s the first bathroom, and another one rolling in this week too!

New Bathroom Faucets + Makeover In A Month Update

These are light cosmetic updates to give these bathrooms a more modern feel without the big price tag. We have done all the work ourselves. My husband is very handy but outside of the electrical work these are all things that even a newbie can handle using youtube tutorials.

I painted the vanity with Benjamin Moore cabinet paint in “Decorator’s White.” It started out cream colored with lots of chips around the edges. I sanded and prepped the vanity by wiping down all surface areas with deglosser. I used a roller and brush on the cabinet base and interior (these brushes are my favorite) but highly recommend using a paint sprayer for the doors if you plan to tackle similar projects in the future.

A paint sprayer won’t cost you as much as hiring a licensed painter for just one job. With practice it is an easy thing to learn to use. I recommend practicing on a few surfaces before trying cabinet doors.

Depending on the brand of paint, you may want to thin the paint with water before sending it through your sprayer. The finish is much smoother with two coats of sprayed paint than if you use a brush or roller. This is the exact same paint sprayer we have, but you can find less expensive options (like this paint sprayer on Amazon). My husband painted our outdoor shed, so if you plan on doing bigger projects you may want to do a little more research or invest a little more money in your tools.

Jack’s Bathroom Updates

I left the cabinet knobs and towel hanging fixtures intact but updated the light fixture and we removed the builder grade mirror. We removed a similar mirror in this bathroom refresh project. Light drywall repair is necessary before you paint the walls. Contact your favorite YouTubers for tutorials.

We used the “Classic Gray” (Benjamin Moore) paint left on the walls here. I wanted to leave the walls brown so the mirror would pop even more but needed dry wall repair when the old light fixture came down and we don’t have that color in our house. I’m linking used shoppable items and some similar accessories below.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. Check out my Instagram stories for more DIY projects and updates or sign up for my weekly newsletter so you never miss a post. You can look back at older home blog posts here.

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How To Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Renovating It

I’m surrounded by many almond tubs in my day-to-day work, and the first question I ask is “I can’t replace it, but how can I make it look better…?”

In our last house, we had a bathroom with bone-colored (brown) fixtures, and when we redecorated, the budget didn’t allow for updating them. However, our budget allowed for two bottles of wine, which helped me understand the fact that we couldn’t replace them.

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So, I’ve come up with a list of common questions about almond/bone bathroom fixtures with some straightforward answers to help you update and modernize your space!

The Suite Pecan Bathroom Update And Moen Fixtures

(And if you haven’t checked out the best paint colors for an almond bathroom, do so when you’re done!)

But your countertop should have a white/cream/beige/almond mix (basically some sort of tone-on-tone mix). The goal is to have your countertop act as a ‘go-between’ between your white sink and almond fixtures.

The countertop above is a marble finished with a mix of cream, beige and off-white – it makes a great ‘between’ for the almond toilet and tub and the white sink.

A real or fake travertine countertop is a great contender for an almond bathroom! I love the combination of wood and countertop here on this vanity.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

In the photo above, if you look in the reflection, you can actually see the almonds surrounding the shower!

You can have a white toilet as long as it is not directly next to your tub (between 12-24″). It can be about three feet (or more) away, separated from the vanity or on the opposite side of the room – you can’t have a white toilet next to an almond tub/shower (I say…).

Why? When your eye moves around the room there should be enough distance between the two so they are not in the same visual line of sight. If they are directly next to each other, it is obvious that they are different, it only accentuates your almond tub and makes it seem dirty compared to the toilet.

In the photo above, that accent tile is GENIUS. Why? It’s almond and white in color, making a white toilet feel a little more at home!

Small Bathroom Remodel On A Budget With Statement Wallpaper

Exception: Keep the shower curtain closed at all times and hang on the outside of the tub rather than the inside.

Avoid using strong whites in your flooring. Try to find tile or linoleum that is a mix of creams (as shown in the collage below) with other colors and tile that has a strong cream. A cream colored tile will blend in with your tub/toilet to help tie the almond color into your bathroom palette.

If you’re looking for a quick option, travertine tile (or look-alike porcelain) is the best tile to update a bathroom with almond fixtures.

This example is not the best, but it is

How To Replace & Install A Bathroom Vanity And Sink

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