Finding Peace In Every Corner Of Your Home

Finding Peace In Every Corner Of Your Home – Your home should be your safe haven — the place where you feel relaxed, happy and at peace. But when bad energy lingers around, your home can quickly become the opposite—a place of hostility and negativity. And when you have this negative energy in your home, it can affect every other aspect of your life. This is why house cleaning can be an important part of your personal well-being.

If you have just moved into a new space, you need to clear your home of any negative energy that may still be there from the previous owners. Or, if you’ve just gone through a breakup, had a big life transition, or are just in a rut – clearing bad energy from your home can help. But how do you know if you have negative energy in your home and how to clear it?

Finding Peace In Every Corner Of Your Home

Knowing how to detect negative energy in your home can actually be quite simple. You can tell if the energy in your home is good or bad – or neutral – based on how you feel inside while you’re in it. A home filled with good energy feels fresh and alive — it’s full of life and you feel good about being there. Some may say it has good qi or feng shui. On the other end of the spectrum, a house drowning in bad energy will make you feel like you’re being drowned, suffocated, or even oppressed. You can feel the tension in the air and there are a thousand places you’d rather be.

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Negative energy and stress go hand in hand, so if you’re constantly exhausted or at the end of your rope, your home may be partly to blame. If you’re not sure if your home has bad energy, check out these red flags:

Even if you’re not getting any of these warning signs that you’re dealing with bad energy, it’s a good idea to clear your home when someone has had an argument, been sick, or is experiencing stress at work. Negative energy can seep into your home over time, so it’s okay to cleanse it whenever you feel like doing so.

Your home is the one place you should feel safe and secure, but if you open the door and you’re practically swimming in a pool of bad energy, you need to clear it – and this checklist will help.

Unless you live in the former home of an accused witch in Salem, MA, removing negative energies from your home is fairly easy. All you have to do is follow this straightforward checklist for a comprehensive house cleaning.

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Get rid of all the clutter by putting things away or throwing them away and make sure to clean every corner. Open all the blinds and, weather permitting, open the windows. Allow as much light and fresh air as possible while cleaning. Don’t forget to dust, vacuum, and check for cobwebs—you don’t want negative energy to have any reason to cling.

As you clean your home, know that keeping broken items in your home is bad feng shui – and items that don’t bring you joy can only drag you down. If you have an item that is broken beyond repair, it’s time to get rid of it and move on.

When you’ve cleaned up the clutter and removed the broken items from your home, you can finish removing the negative energies with this naturopathic remedy. For this home cleaning solution you will need the following:

Doors and windows are where outside energy enters your home. Keep them clean by mixing a bucket of water with the juice of five lemons, a cup of sea salt, and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar. Clean doorknobs, doors, frames and windows in your home with the solution to keep them clean.

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Can help remove bad energy in your home. Native Americans used it for millennia because they knew it worked—and luckily, the same materials they used are readily available in health food stores and online.

Burning sage – especially white sage – is a quick and easy way to cleanse evil spirits and negative energy. Add frankincense (which you can use alone if you don’t like sage) and copal incense to clear away all the negative vibes so there’s plenty of room for the good ones. You can also use patchouli, palo santo or other herbs recommended by healers for cleaning the house.

This process will help manifest positive energy in your home. Some people choose to recite charms or make positive affirmations while smudging. If you feel comfortable, saying a prayer or turning to a higher power for positive energy can help clear the house.

After you have stained each room, you can now clean your house with salt. Pour salt into each corner and let it sit for 48 hours (salt can absorb negative energy). Ring the bell three times in each corner to break up any stagnant energy, which the salt may then absorb. After two days, remove the salt with a vacuum cleaner. Many people choose to use salt lamps to continue clearing away bad energy as well.

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You can protect your home from negative energy by placing selenium on your windows. Selenite can clear energy and raise the vibration in your home to a higher level. Many healers recommend using other healing crystals as well. For example, black tourmaline is a protective crystal that absorbs depression and negative energy. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra, while amethyst helps with goal setting and citrine allows you to manifest your dreams. If you have a favorite that works for you, place it in rooms where bad energy seems to gather.

Now that you have cleared the negative energy from your home, you can focus on attracting positive energy into your space. Having salt lamps in different rooms is a great place to start. Revamping your interior design to make you happier at home and creating good feng shui throughout can also help bring in those positive vibes.

It’s important to be aware of the energy your home continues to bring you – good or bad. If you notice a change in energy over time, consider clearing the bad energy from your home again. After all, your home should bring you joy and be a source of positivity. In this post: House blessings are an ancient tradition believed to offer spiritual protection from evil and invite God into your home. Here you will find a home blessing prayer as well as Bible verses to pray over your home.

Prayer is one of the best ways to fight and overcome spiritual strongholds in your life… and in your home. Learn how to bless your home, and find some Bible verses about blessing your home.

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When visiting our home, people have often told us how peaceful it feels and how relaxed they are when they are here. I always smile when they say that, because I know that creating that feeling and a special vacation spot isn’t a coincidence or an accident…or even entirely due to the organization or beauty of our home.

It’s because of something that Dean and I have been very intentional about, especially in the last decade or so…

In Ephesians 6:12, the Bible tells us that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

I believe this verse is true, that there are spiritual forces of good and evil warring against each other all around us that we cannot see. In other words, spiritual warfare is very real, even in this “enlightened” day and age when it seems easy to dismiss it or dismiss it as meaningless.

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People with the spiritual gift of discernment know this very well and can often tell when a space feels “off” and why. But often, others

Can feel relaxed or stressed even in a very negative space; they are simply unable to articulate

Given this invisible war between good and evil, we must be sure that our homes are covered with prayer and that the triune God (God the Father, Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit) is the only one in whom we invite…and we send

Dean and I have lived in many places over the years. We got married when we were young and I went to college

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We were married. During those college years, we rented many basement apartments and parts of other people’s houses before purchasing our first home many years later.

We were not yet Christians at that time, and in some of those apartments, I spent a lot of time being extremely worried and afraid. I can’t put my finger on why I felt safe and secure in one place and scared and depressed in another. Looking back, I now know it was due to (some of my own and) a lot of other people’s spiritual garbage in the places we lived.

If you live in an older

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