Home Sweet Home: The Ultimate Comfort Zone

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Electric garage heaters keep us going in the screenless sanctuary that is the tinkerer’s garage. From keeping hands warm and supple to preventing shivering, having a nice heater in your garage will keep you going even in the coldest of winters or late fall freezes. Plus, they reduce the fumes and gases that spill into the indoor garage. After all, garages already have enough problems with exhaust and chemicals. However, the styles of garage heaters are quite varied and have many different features, form factors and usage conditions. Sorting can be difficult. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best electric garage heaters in a variety of styles for you to choose from.

Home Sweet Home: The Ultimate Comfort Zone

More than other types of heaters, electric garage heaters are all about functionality and niche use. Utility is the most important factor and to a large extent looks are not as important. With that in mind, we’ve found the best electric garage heaters to suit a variety of needs, while also taking a stab at the overall best option. Do you want your entire garage to be warm? We have this. Need just one touch? We have it too. Do you need a surface heater that is completely uncomplicated? You get the picture.

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Along with all that, we’re also looking at different power levels—crunchy hard numbers in watts and volts—as well as safety features. While 240V heaters often have more power, they’re pretty inconvenient for the typical American to use, so we’ve limited how many we’ve included on the list. Real customer reviews also go a long way, so we’ve found products that 100’s, or even 1000’s of real people have used and preferred. Older models even get a bonus for longevity when it comes to electric garage heaters, as technology slowly changes over time.

While we strive to find the best electric garage heater, we know that many situations, power levels, and types of electric garage heaters may interest you. The vast majority of garage owners will find a suitable electric garage heater on this list.

The Heat Storm Phoenix Wi-Fi Edition is perfect for those dreary cold mornings when the thought of leaving the comfort of your home for even a minute fills you with dread. You can even turn it on remotely via WiFi to heat up the garage before you even get there. It will provide good heat for the surrounding 150 square feet and supplemental heat for a full 1,000 square feet. It is firmly attached to the wall, so if you install it near the door of your house and car, you will be able to get into your car with maximum comfort.

The Heat Storm Phoenix Wi-Fi Edition has robust safety features, including a child lock and automatic shutdown in case of overheating. There’s even fall protection if you decide to buy the optional legs that turn the wall mount into a freestanding model. In addition, the Heat Storm Phoenix Wi-Fi Edition has a built-in air filter that helps clean your air and improve environmental safety when using this heater.

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Another bonus of the Heat Storm Phoenix Wi-Fi Edition is the inclusion of an actual UI. For the most part, even the best electric garage heaters only contain one or two buttons with low/high heat settings at best. On the other hand, this electric garage heater has a full touch screen with a built-in digital thermostat. Better than most of the competition in terms of presentation.

When we looked at the best floor heaters, one Dyson stood out for its multi-tool-like ability to do a lot in a hobbyist’s garage setting. Namely, it warms your place when it’s cold, cools it when it’s hot, and constantly cleans dust and other particles.

The air that passes through the Dyson HP07, an additional model from our original space heater selection, also passes through HEPA and Carbon filters, which capture 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns (one of Dyson’s reasons). also ranks very high in our roundup of the best air purifiers). A small LCD screen detects pollutants and displays the room’s air quality as well as the current temperature. It then uses a bladeless fan (aka “air multiplier”) to circulate hot or cool air at a rate of 77 gallons per second in swing mode.

At the end of the day, this makes the Dyson HP07 the best electric garage heater all year round. It’s the perfect way to treat your garage’s air year-round, and unlike many heaters, you won’t feel like it’s only taking up space for half a year (or more).

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There are two reasons to have a ceiling mounted garage heater: A way to save floor space and to concentrate the heat above the workbench. The Comfort Zone CZQTV5M manages both and avoids the frustration of the heat above rising without falling on the person below.

The secret is that the Comfort Zone CZQTV5M is an infrared heater. Awarded the “best ceiling mount” category in our review of the best infrared heaters, infrared heat acts like a beam, heating what it hits rather than the air. In practice, this means your working hands will stay well warmed and comfortable.

Another issue that the Comfort Zone CZQTV5M misses out on is lighting. Having a free-standing lamp next to a heater can be awkward or dangerous. The included halogen bulb is what makes this one of the best electric garage heaters. No matter what time it is or how cold it is, you can see and feel your warm and toasty hands when using the Comfort Zone CZQTV5M.

The Briza is a tripod-mounted infrared heater that can take quite a beating. We’ve already reviewed the Briza as one of the best patio heaters for its ability to take on the elements. With an IP55 rating, it should be somewhat water resistant as well as dust resistant. That’s what makes it great for your garage, too. If you’re into woodworking, for example, it’s pretty important to have a machine that can handle some dust.

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It’s really comfortable. At just 6.6 pounds, you should be able to move the Briza anywhere in your garage with ease. This includes outside the garage if you want to exercise outdoors and take advantage of its weatherproofing.

Additional convenience comes from its remote control and timer that you can set from one to nine hours. This makes it the perfect heater for the worker who gets completely into the flow and then forgets to turn off things like the heater. Plus, it has safety features like automatic shut-off if things get too hot.

If you want to go the 240V route (or live in an area where 240V appliances are more readily available), Dr. You should consider the Heater DR996. It’s tough thanks to its hard metal exterior that can take a knock or two. But it also provides good heat at 3,000 and 6,000 watts on high and low settings, respectively.

Although the fan helps somewhat with space heating, Dr. Heater DR996 is an infrared heater, so it tends to provide directional heating. This is a good thing in many ways, with customers reporting quality heat even from 12 feet or more away. At the same time, the reports of an elegant thermostat are less surprising due to the heating style.

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This affordable space heater provides enough heat for one person anywhere in the garage. Its small size makes it suitable for placing on a desk or next to a workbench at your feet.

This is one of the best electric garage heaters for a small space, and it’s usually just one person, so you’ll probably want to move it around a bit. This should be easy with the Lasco, as it’s only 2.9 pounds and has a rear-mounted carrying handle. Finding a place to put it shouldn’t be a problem either. Plugging a heater into an extension cord or power strip is generally frowned upon, but the Lasko has an 8-foot cord that gives you great control over placement in your garage as long as it has enough outlets.

Finally, the Lasco is a very safe machine, at least as far as heaters go. It is ETL listed and tamper-proof for security. So if you put it somewhere unstable, which will happen if you move it as often as it’s supposed to, you won’t have to worry about a major incident (as much) happening as a result.

Acquiring electric garage heaters can be more difficult than expected. As you can see, many sites will recommend high powered heaters that won’t work (at least in the US) without difficult installation or electrical work.

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