Where To Start When Renovating A Home

Where To Start When Renovating A Home – One of your first tasks at the beginning of a renovation project will be to meet with several general contractors. Make the most of your site visit by preparing more information to write your contractor a scope estimate. To make sure you get the right quotes from these professionals, here are some tips to start your conversation with each contractor. Having a list of vetted and licensed general contractors is the first step to getting started on your home renovation.

We can start by matching you with contracting firms to rebuild your project. For the right fit, these contractors will serve your area and have experience with your project. Schedule a phone interview to narrow your choices down and have three estimates to compare.

Where To Start When Renovating A Home

Visiting your property with a potential contractor is essential. It takes time for both parties. Therefore, contractors recommend a phone call first to explore the fit and positive signs of a good fit. “I like to just look at the basic framework and get an idea of ​​the budget. The call makes sure we’re on the same page,” said contractor P.J.

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According to Daniel Bawden of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), it’s important to determine early on how far the contractor’s base is from your home. A two-hour commute for the contractor and team can slow down the project. Also, they may not be familiar with local suppliers when additional materials are needed. “It’s better to do a good phone interview first than to have four or five general contractors walking around your house,” Daniel said.

Brings homeowners the ultimate remodeling experience by personally matching trusted general contractors to your project, while offering expert guidance and support—at no cost to you.

It helps to have a ballpark of what you’re willing to spend. This number should be realistic and is the key to how to start your home renovation. Sometimes online quote generators can give a wrong impression about the cost and time schedule of the job. There are many other aspects to consider. “Actual construction, especially obtaining permits, where each local jurisdiction is different, can vary greatly,” said Connie Leipard of the National Association of Women in Construction. If you’re interested in working with a woman-owned contracting firm, check out our five-part series on women contractors in our network.

To give you an idea of ​​an average budget, these remodeling cost guides are geography-based for budget, mid-range, and high-end kitchen projects and bathrooms. For example, a budget bathroom in New York starts at $18,000, while a budget kitchen starts at $24,500. In Houston, a mid-range bathroom starts at $24,500 and a mid-range kitchen starts at $24,500. From $35,000.

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Some general contractors charge several hundred dollars for a quote. Others receive a down payment, which is deducted from the total amount of the project, according to Daniel, if they are signed. Some, including general contractors, don’t pay at all. Make sure the quote price is discussed during the initial phone call.

P.J., a contractor for apartments and cooperatives. advised checking the requirements of your building alteration agreement early. These contracts can specify how to update your apartment when it is renovated. For example, regardless of the scope of work, it may indicate the replacement of the circuit board or shut-off valves in your apartment. Basically, your renovation will create a demand for updating these elements. “These are regulations aimed at bringing the apartment and building up to current standards,” said P.J.

Once you have a final list of general contractors, a meeting and visit to your property will be scheduled. They don’t need to know everything about your renovation, but the more information you can give them, the better. Visual guides are useful whether or not they are rough sketches of complete drawings made by a designer or architect.

Images of your style and preferences—cabinets, floors, faucets—go a long way. Inspirational images collected on websites like Pinterest or blogs are a good start.

Where Do I Start? 😭

It is also the choice of special materials that you want. When potential general contractors put together their bids, they often include estimated dollar figures for things like tile or cabinetry. Since this material is not selected, it is usually called “retirement”. According to Daniel, these items can vary dramatically in price depending on your final preference. If you already have a good idea of ​​what you want to use, the contractor can include more accurate costs than guesswork. “If at least the material studies and purchases are started, the repairs can start sooner,” said Daniel. “There are fewer delays because all the product is on hand.”

If you are not doing gut repair at the same time, you may prefer to stay in your home during the repair. The sooner you decide on this, the better. According to Connie, a contractor may consider a quote if they need materials to separate you from the renovation. This will be especially important for older buildings that may have asbestos or lead issues. “You have to do a lot of preparation, especially if there are kids, to keep the dust out of the other side of the house,” she said.

Depending on the contractor and the size of the project, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to prepare an accurate quote. When you’re ready to start renovating your home, work with us to remodel with the best contractors.

Selects the best general contractors to suit the location, budget and scope of each project and supports the project through to completion. Follow the blog for renovation ideas and inspiration, and when you’re ready to renovate, start your renovation below.

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We’ll introduce you to proven general contractors and offer support until your project is complete – at no cost!

“I enjoyed using it! This gave me a great place to start because I had no idea how to start my renovation projects. I will use them again.”

“It provides a modern way to communicate with contractors and significantly reduces stress in the process.”

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Hello there! We are Fi and Neil, a couple from Brighton, UK. We completed a complete 1930s home renovation and guess what? We managed it well under budget!

Imagine finding pre-war newspapers hidden under the carpet, getting electric shocks, constant noise and having to abandon our £80k expansion plans at the eleventh hour – yes, we’ve been through it all! And we survived … about 😅

So, if you’re wondering, “I want to renovate my home, where do I start?” If you’re thinking or going through the stages of home renovation, you’re in the right place.

The fact that you discovered this guide is a complete level for your renovation project, but if you try to use it now, you may be frustrated and sweaty about the complexity of the future project – that’s why our screw up Free bitesize renovation email series before you get into the weeds!

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Let’s dive into the world of home renovations and find out where to start with home renovations.

In 2016, we were where you are now: about to make the bold decision to accept a property for renovation.

We fell in love with a 1930s house that miraculously came on the market in our price range, but we only had £80,000 to make it our dream home. And he demanded to change everything. There was no central heating, the wallpaper on every wall and ceiling was worn and the carpets were so old they were literally falling apart under our feet!

I remember one evening sitting with Neil in our new fixer over a glass of wine and talking about the worst things:

Hidden Costs Of Remodeling Your Home

We did it. And we learned a lot in the process. We’ve documented every inch of dust, sweat, and tears on this blog, including to support first-time bug fixers. I then studied to become an interior designer, frustrated by the lack of support for renovators at the time, and Neil and I now run online courses for first-time renovators who ask for our help in planning their projects. .

But don’t listen to them. With the right support and if you’re smart about money,

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